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If this is the first time that you have visited The Gallery Page, read on before entering.

This page has been introduced by request from many BMW Clubs. Its purpose is to prvoide a freely available archive of BMW cars and motorcycles. All files uploaded to the gallery must be licence and royalty free for others to use.

Conditions of use of this Gallery Site.
You can view the images without being registered. To upload files you will need to register a new username and an email address. This is in addition to any existing registered detailsthat you hold for this site. You can use the same details if you wish.

BCEF does not accept any liability for the photographs displayed on this site, and should you upload a photo you certify that you have the rights to it and that you give them without charge to anyone who wishes to use them for any purpose. Your email address will not be divulged to anyone unless you upload phots to which you do not have the rights, so make sure that they are yours to upload.

How to use the Gallery

Select the cataqgory that you are interested in, and an upload button will appear. Click it to upload your images and follow the instructions given.

Before uploading your photos, note the following restrictions:

Any images with distasteful content will be deleted by the administrator.

A URL for uploading files is not essential, but a name for the image should match that of the image file name.

The catchpa security field is case sensitive. If you have problems with it, click on it until a readable one appears. If you get it wrong, you will be advised, but you may have to re-enter some details before it will allow you to proceed.

By clicking this LINK to the GALLERY, you agree to use the gallery as described above, and accept all liability for whatever you publish on the site. Have fun.