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The BMW Club has around 5000 members.

The BMW Club has around 4000 members and 1000 Associate members.
This motorcycle club was founded in 1951 & held it's fiftieth anniversary in 2001. It has grown from a small gathering of BMW motorcycle enthusiasts to be one of the largest independent single-make motorcycle clubs in the World. The club currently has a membership of around 6300 members & caters for owners of both modern, classic and vintage BMW Motorcycles.

There are fifteen sections within the club, these cover different regions within the UK including the Republic of Ireland. There is also a HQ section that members from other countries can join. Each section runs it's own events throughout the year & the main club normally runs 2 or 3 national events that are supported by the sections. The events include day trips to places of interest, camping & hotel weekends, race track days & off road courses & can be enjoyed by all of it's membership. The national events are normally held at Easter & in August & are at a different location every year. All events are open to BMW Club Europa members.

The BMW Club publishes a monthly magazine called "The Journal". This is 70-80 coloured pages long & features news, letters, articles on touring, motorcycle restoration, technical information & has a classified for sale and wanted section. The Journal is normally eagerly awaited by Club members & is regarded as a great asset by the club.

The club has links to FEBC & the BMW Owners of America & makes regular trips to Europe & America. The club also manages an award winning web-site that is regularly updated.

Membership of the club costs £ 27.00 per annum . Associate membership is also available to the partners of full members at a cost of £ 2.00 per annum.

The club membership secretary is Mr.Les Madge who can be contacted at General enquiries can be made on 0800 0854045

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