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The BMW MC Klub Danmark has around 1358 members.

Our purpose is to bring the BMW MC owners in Denmark into contact with each other and make contact with other BMW clubs. BMW MC Club Denmark started in 1972 and today has more than 1000 members. If you drive a BMW motorcycle or arethinking of purchasing one and want to find like-minded people of all ages and genders to run the same, get inspiration for trips at home and abroad, share experiences about BMW motorcycles, routes, campsites, hotels and hostels in Europe or the rest of the world, you are now in the right place. Contact us and hear about the next event. The club has its own magazine, "Club Information" issued four times a year. There are many different activities in the BMW MC Club Denmark lik Wednesday Road Trips, coffee meetings, driving courses, foreign trips, club reunions, etc. The club also has various club regalia, etc. that can be purchased via the club website (if you are a member). BMW MC Club Denmark is based primarily on cozy relationships between BMW motorcyclists. At club meetings, you can meet members, many with extensive experience on BMW motorcycles that are always willing to help you, whether you're running on an older model or a really new one. If you are not already a member of BMW MC Club Denmark, you can receive material about the club via the club website. A membership of BMW MC Club Denmark is DKK 250, oo per year..

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