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The BMW Club Schweden has around 2468 members.

About BMW Club Schweden BMW Club Schweden was founded in 1985 as the official club for BMW-cars in Sweden. The club is an independent organisation with board members, elected at the annual meeting. The club's goal is to gather BMW-enthusiasts with widely spread areas of interest. Regardless if you are focused on new experiences or only love to drive your BMW, the club shall be the self-evident forum where you can develop your interest in the brand, and make new friends among other BMW-enthusiasts. Our work is based upon the participation of club members in the various activities, arranged by BMW Club Schweden, throughout all months of the year, locally as well as nationwide. We offer our members to take part in a large number of events, from family excursions in beautiful surroundings, to driving skill training courses, lead by experienced instructors. Two of the most important events are the annual Spring Meeting at Mantorp Park - a race track in the central part of Sweden - and the Summer Meeting at Knutstorp Ring in the southern part of the country. The club's ambition is to be as close as possible to its members, and for this purpose it is divided into a number of sub-divisions, with regard to special areas of interest as well as geography.

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