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Friend of the Marque Award

by Howard Walker

The Friend of the Marque award is awarded by BMW AG and the BMW Clubs International Council to people who have given exceptional service to the BMW Clubs movement.

Peter Rust

BCEF is proud to announce that in 2013, their former Treasurer, Mr Peter J Rust became the latest of 46 BMW Club Members worldwide to be made a Friend of the Marque. This honour is also the first time that it has been made posthumously, as Peter died while the award was being processed.

During his lifetime, Peter had been a member of many clubs in the UK, including the BMW Car Club GB, The BMW Club, the Issetta Club, and the BMW Historic Motor Club. He was a founder member of BCEF, and its treasurer for the first 8 years of its existence. A man of strong character and exceptional accuracy, Peter was often called on by various clubs to provide an opinion on any problems that needed solving. His opinions were always unbiased and to the point. At the time of his death, he was Vice President of the BMW Car Club GB. His last major act in supporting BMW Clubs was a few weeks prior to his death, when, despite being terminally ill, he successfully organised the Annual General Meeting of the BMW Historic Motor Club, of which he was also a founder member.

In my job as Secretary of BCEF, I was asked to organise the presentation of the award to Peter's family. The location was the Birch, a restaurant where we had eaten during the BMW Car Club's 50th Birthday celebrations in Woburn Abbey. Unfortunately one of his brothers was too ill to travel to the event, and his sister lives in America, so they were not present. I asked John Safe, long time friend of Peter and also a current VP of the BMW Car Club GB, to make the presentation to Jon Rust,his wife Linda, and Peter's long time Lady friend, Avril Dale. John was very pleased to do so.

Click here for a slide show of the event.