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About BMW Clubs European Federation (BCEF)

The BMW Clubs European Federation (BCEF), is the BMW approved umbrella organization for all official BMW Clubs in Scandinavia, the UK, and Ireland.

With a combined membership of 28,000+ in the 11 member clubs, BCEF operates under the guidance of the BMW Clubs International Council (BCIC).

Formed by six National BMW Clubs after long and thorough negotiations with BMW and other organizations, its formation was approved at the September 2007 ICBC meeting under the name Federation of European BMW Clubs. When BMW changed its corporate image in 2009, the name changed to BMW Clubs European Federation.

Since BCEF was formed, all National BMW Clubs in the UK and Scandinavia have become members. This ensures that they are classed as "Official BMW Clubs". The flags on the map represent the seven member countries.

All work done by the BCEF management team is on a voluntary basis, which enables them to look after the interests of members at little cost.

Visit our calendar and see some of the events our member clubs offer.

If you have any questions, please contact BCEF at

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