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BMW Car Club Norway

The BMW Car Club Norway has around 2222 members.

BMW Car Club Norway (BMW CCN) was founded October 17, 1985 by Arne J. Filtvedt. From 1987 it became a member of BMW Club Europa e.V. and since the formation of BMW Clubs European Federation the club is now a member of the new club organization. This is a union being supported by BMW AG in Munich.

BMW CCN is an independent Norwegian club for BMW car enthusiasts and sympathizers. The club is approved by BMW AG and BMW Norge AS is presently our largest sponsor. The BMW CCN has approximately 2500 members.

The club is run by a board of 6 members, elected in our Annual Meeting. The representatives carry out their work on a voluntarily base, without pay.

Activities offered by BMW CCN is launched by the main club, 13 district clubs and 3 sub clubs for special interests. All kinds of members and sympathizers are welcomed to participate in the arrangements of the club.

Activities of the club include club evenings, garage meetings, sport arrangements, national and international gatherings, factory tours, information work, club magazine and club advantages. Some of these are already working, others are being prepared.

Our aim is to organize owners of BMW cars (with 3 wheels or more), and of those sympathizing with the BMW concept. We want to develop and activate the BMW AG slogan "Freude am Fahren" in situations related to practical use, sports and social life.

By joining the club, you will be able to get a membership card on our APP, a welcoming package with the club sticker, information and a BMW key ring. Our Club Magazine 'Fahrfreude' is issued 2 times a year. Our Internet site at is an open page free to join.

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BMW MC-klubben Norway

The BMW MC-klubben Norge has around 1550 members.

Founded 01.08.1981 - Ca 1550 members all over Norway The main event every year since foundation is The BMW-treffet (always first weekend in August) and arranged in different places around Norway.

Social gathering, tours and annual meeting. Ca 250 participants, around 5% from abroad.

Every member receives a magazine 4 times a year.

Members may in addition join a local club under the main umbrella. Most of the year round activities are in local clubs (11 at the moment).

For information regarding our annual meeting please check our website.

If anyone needs information about travelling in Norway or needs a nice route to our annual meeting, please contact us.

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